Joshua Unikel and Dunja Sirmium as part of World of Co residency Sofia Monochromatic is a visual meditation on color, form, language, and mark making. Using an array of hybrid techniques, the exhibition populates the gallery walls with canvases that are at once paintings, drawings, and site-specific mosaics alongside prints that are graphic design, woodcarving, and experiential installation. Monochromatic unites and juxtaposes the work of Serbian visual artist Dunja Sirmium and US graphic designer Joshua Unikel to examine how in an increasingly full-color and video-based digital world, it’s equally pressing to grapple with the monochromatic, analog, and static world of design, painting, and drawing. By exploring their commonalities and idiosyncrasies, Sirmium and Unikel trade color for complexity and exchange motion for meaning.