TWIST AND SHOUT Part 1 of 4 We Are All One-We Are All Alone

We begin our first chapter of the show  We Are All One-We Are All Alone, with a solo presentation of past works by the Dutch artist Marie Civikov, selected by Æther Sofia.

Under the arch of the project are hosted four different individual projects. The idea of ​​the pack is to de-construct the entity of time into sections- past, present, future and timelessness. In the situation we find ourselves in, our new reflections return to the idea of ​​unity. Through the prism of the project we settle the being into a new condition derived from all that was once known, all that was present, and now expired, exhausted. The way we lived, in reminiscence of past, looking for new directions to foresee future, not promised by the political hegemony, but rather a personal search for new horizons. Remembering what we once knew -after every horizon, there is another-, but what is the consistency and shape of the new collective cognitive mechanisms?
The project’s ambition is to set the temperature to a level of preparation. To launch us in mode of shift and change. Change that starts within oneself and eventually will radiate onwards to society; a new settlement of self and the Other. This critical stage asks humanity to gather strength and power, so the change will be possible. Only then, in pure concentration and devotion, the process will commence.

Part one of the project, “Twist and Shout”. Her paintings give a view on the past as a portrait of the 21st century era and mankind, where she illustrates the psychological portraits of everyday situations of people thrown out of society and those from privileged ones, beside class differences as a critique of the capitalist model of living and management. A dual tension of recognising the fowl or the sacred are in constant battle of visual rhetoric, leaving us merciless, or at the contrary, full of compassion.

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WE ARE ALL ONE WE ARE ALL ALONE се реализира с подкрепата на Столична община, по инициативата „Солидарност в културата”.