State of Apparition

Æxchange Sofia-Haga, State of Apparition with works by Svetlana Mircheva and Stela Vasileva.

The exhibition is part of an exchange project with Æther Sofia, an art space in Sofia (BG) run by Voin de Voin and Æther Haga (‘Haga’ is the Bulgarian name for The Hague), an initiative for exchange in collaboration with Marie Civikov.

State of Apparition tells a visual narrative around the phenomenon of the movement of natural light and the interaction with objects in space. A series of geometric constructions refers to this ever-changing situation taking a depart of the movement of the Earth around the Sun, explores the synchronization of the psychological condition created in order to perceive reality as such and in constant state of revealing. Further it seeks to make apparent the momentum of “Eventfulness”, the moment when light, state and object align in order to depose and deliver a reflective parallel necessary for perceiving the new created depth and dimension. Stela Vasileva invites the viewer to lay their gaze at the reflective surfaces of her at first sight constructivist objects. Exposed to direct sunlight, the installation casts shadows and creates a playground between matter and light. As a result, the viewer is involved in various and multiple shifts in perception. The works meditative effect explores the relation between the concreteness of forms and the liminal space, created in order to offer a possibility to transcend the geometrical point into a point of view. Svetlana Mircheva’s obsession with language emerges as a natural development in the context of ‘the appearance’, of ‘the thing’ becoming visible. Departing from the abstraction of any form that was connected to other forms or symbols, she looks for ways to articulate a space that has the potential to become a language – both physically and mentally and a way to understand the choreography of light in familiar spaces. Meaning appears mutable, always in transition and transient. The moment of ‘apparition’, in the constellation of objects, is in play to coincide with a self-reflecting experience of the embodiment of both time and language, internally, simultaneously. Æxchange Sofia-Haga is generously supported by Stroom Den Haag.