Silent Speeches by Æther Sofia

© Soft Power Projects, Photo: Harald Voelkl Hosted by Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg and Akademie Schloss Solitude Æther project -Silent Speeches with Lola Göller, Kinga Kielczynska, Max Gadow, Victoria Kieffer. Artistic freedom is a symbol of a cosmopolitan, liberal-minded Europe and the mainstay of a vibrant democracy. Increasingly, we are tasked with asking ourselves the following questions: How do we wish to co-exist? What does Europe mean to us? How can we create and preserve scope and space for critical thought and experimentation? Precisely these issues constitute the focus of the »Soft Power Platform: European Artist Convention«, where they are explored and examined in a joint dialogue with visitors and politicians alike. Over two days in April, the Federal State Office of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Berlin will host a »European Artist Convention« on and outside its premises. The »SOFT POWER PROJECTS« collective has organized a platform used by activists and artists to hold workshops, discussions and stage performances: We seek to tell stories from an artistic perspective which offer a counter-narrative to the current regressive tendencies within Europe. Let’s talk about what unites us as opposed to what separates us, such as altered perspectives, open borders, common visions, networks, artistic initiatives, sustainable strategies, self-organization and neighborly help. We feel the need to create a think tank brimming with ideas to galvanize a future fully equipped to deal with changes in an even more positive and flexible way. Through the provision of space for the production of art, we create a collective space for social interaction. As we pursue our daily work, we try and gain an insight into what is happening right now – in Europe, our cities, our neighborhoods. We plumb the social depths of art, engaging in conversations and interactions and initiating creative and critical thinking as a result. We achieve this via the greatest possible openness, knowledge exchange, civil society activities and democratic decision-making processes designed to encourage individuals and create community spirit. We enter into a dialogue with politicians and civil society alike – not only do we share our knowledge, opinions and visions, but also our talents and skills, in order to collaborate, as activists, on future campaigns. The project is a continuation of »SOFT POWER PALACE – Festival about Independent Art Spaces in Europe« which was initiated by Akademie Schloss Solitude as a laboratory culminating in a three-day festival at the Kunstgebäude Stuttgart in the autumn of 2018 (curated by Paula Kohlmann). The Stuttgart-based project aimed to promote self-organized and independent art spaces and initiatives as well as their transnational relations, and this objective will be continued as the project moves to Berlin. Public and civic spaces in which art is exhibited and produced constitute vessels for real encounters. The project facilitates such spaces for exchange and communication in which collective action, living and thought are explored via various experimental formats and can thus be viewed as spaces of critical engagement with the current social situation. Itinerary Discussion »Can Art Save Europe?« Talk about Social and Political Expectations of Artistic Practice Today with Kinga Tóth, Simon Feydieu, Voin de Voin, Quim Packard, Dimitri D’ippolito, Paula Kohlmann, Gideon Smilansky Moderated by Clara Herrmann, head of the JUNGE AKADEMIE, Berlin 8:00 pm Drinks and DJ: Louis Largo 10:00 pm End of the event Workshops »Silent Speeches« by Æther Project (Sofia): with Voin de Voin, Raul Walch, Lola Göller & Max Gadow